Seminar 1. Transformations: Shakespeare Across Media, Platforms, and Other Cultural Forms

chairs: Yukari Yoshihara, University of Tsukuba
Yilin Chen, Providence University, Taiwan

“Boundary Crossings and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Digital Age: Shakespeare in Theatre, Education and Games”, Yilin Chen (with Dong-ha Seo)
“Both Alike in Dignity: The Theatric and the Artistic in #ShakespeareNoFilter”, Anne Nichole Arellano
“Trumpus Andronicus: An Attempt to Radically Deconstruct Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus for the Contemporary Theatre Audience”, Carlito Casaje
“Shakespeare for Children: A Study of the Re-telling of Shakespeare in Odisha or the Role of Shakespeare in Creating Space for World Literature in Odia Language”, Lipika Das
“Political Aesthetics of Historicity: Performance of Shakespeare in Bangladesh: Focusing the Tempest Performance”, Mohammad Israfil
“Aged Ophelia, Saying ‘Let me die in the ways I like’: The Representation of Ophelia in the Modern Japan”, Ayaka Kazama
“Invisible War in A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Hyon-u Lee
“‘More Than My Life Is My Honor’: Shifting Social Status in Bangzi Opera’s Measure, Measure!”, Gary Lindeburg
“In Fair Isla: The Romeo & Juliet HEA Solution in Mina V. Esguerra’s The Future Chosen”, Paolo Manalo
“Shylock Meets Star Wars: Parables Having Nothing To Do with Jews”, Zora E. Martin
“Color of Sound: Harmoniously Blended Shakespeare in Music”, Dong-ha Seo
“From Problem Play to Comedy: The Significance of Let’s Do As the Law Says, an Adaptation Performance of Measure for Measure and Its Use of the Legacies of Madang Theater Movement”, Jungjin Yi

Seminar 2. Transactions: Negotiations and Exchanges of Shakespearean Origin––Between and Within Ideologies, Texts, Discursive Fields and Markets

chair: Harish Trivedi, University of Delhi

“Discourses and Semiotics of Biblical Impurity in Macbeth”, Prabal Das Gupta
“‘Trafficking’ in Shakespeare’s Procreation Sonnets”, Jason Gleckman
“Immovable Objects and Irresistible Forces: Law and Lust in Measure for Measure”, Barry Hall
“Invitation of Foreign Directors to Japanese Shakespearean Theatres”, Tomoe Komine
“Did Rizal Read Shakespeare? The Prima Facie Evidence from Hamlet, Macbeth, and the Noli/Fili”, Jovino de Guzman Miroy
“Gifts and Exchanges Performed Between Jews and Christians in The Merchant of Venice”, Atsuko Okuyama
“When the Womb Heats Up, the Vapors Rise, and the Mother Suffocates: The Question of Lear’s ‘Mother’”, Tsu-Chung Su
“Erotic Eden: Cultivating Queer Ecologies in As You Like It’s Pleasurable Forest of Arden”, Jose Monfred C. Sy
“Shakepeare’s Timon of Athens and Rizal’s Noli me Tangere: The Unlikely Connection”, Anna Melinda Testa-de Ocampo University of the Philippines

Seminar 3A. Translations: Cross-linguistic and Cross-cultural Versions of Shakespeare in Print and Performance

chair: Corazon D. Villareal, UP Diliman

“Shadows and Imagoes: Hybridizing Macbeth for the Postcolonial Contemporary Indonesian Stage”, Ari J. Adipurwawidjana
“Lady Macbeth: Emancipation in Literature and South Asian Life”, Amrita DasGupta
“Shoyo Tsubouchi’s Japanese Joruri Adaptation of Julius Caesar”, Shiho Egashira
“Comparative Studies of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and 21st-century Musical Adaptation”, Chin-Ching Lee
“Sinicizing Shakespeare: Case Study of Cymbeline by XMUT”, Ballet Lui (with Yuze Linxiu, Cai Ninghui, and Yu Pengze)
“The Bruhas at Benilde: A Performative Critique of the Toil and Trouble of Benilde’s Makbet”, Sunita Mukhi
“Translating Shakespeare for Blind People: The Challenge for Audiodescription”, Antonella Pulice
“The Takarazuka Revue Company and Shakespeare”, Zhiwei Tong

Seminar 3B. Translations: Cross-linguistic and Cross-cultural Versions of Shakespeare in Print and Performance

chair: Ted Motohashi, Tokyo University of Economics

“‘Our Perdita is found’: Loss and Restoration of Trust in The Winter’s Tale”, Ted Motohashi
“Bienvenido Lumbera’s Julio Cesar: Preliminary Notes”, Jonathan Chua
“Shakespeare in Bikol: Rosalio Imperial and Zacarias Lorino’s Translations of Romeo and Juliet”, Leif Garinto
“Post-Colonial Mutations in Shakespearean Texts: Questions of Linguistic Specificity and Universality”, Najrin Islam
“Translating the Dance Igal to the Stage”, Sarah Lumba-Tajonera
“Translation, Diaspora, and Performance at Shakespeare’s Globe”, Taarini Mookherjee
“A Study on the Comparison of the Adaptations of Shakespeare’s Works in ‘Noh’ and ‘Gut’”, JeongKeun Park
“Gleanings: Gode Calleja’s Sinaramutan Translation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29”, Maria Lorena Santos
“A Comparative Study of the Chinese and Russian Presentations of the Shakespeare Play Macbeth in the Perspective of Intercultural Theatre”, Sun Yu

Seminar 4A: Education: Theoretical and Historical Discussions of Shakespeare in/as Education as wellas Practical Pedagogical Strategies Across Cultures

chair: Isabel Martin, ADMU

“Beyond Summaries and Excerpts: Developing the 10MinSh Program”, Joachim Emilio B. Antonio
“Shakespeare and Techno-cultural Mobility, or What My Lowtech Hand-held Device Taught Me about Shakespeare”, Jason Eng Hun Lee
“Bio Shake-scenes: Romeo and Juliet and Biology in an EFL Classroom”, John R. Maune
An In-depth Small Group Reading of Shakespeare’s Plays as Extended “Case Conference”: A Novel Medium for Psychiatry Postgraduate Medical Education”, Nicholas Pang (with Nathisha Thrichelvam, Khin Ohmnar Naing, Loo Jiann Lin, and Sheba DMani)
“‘We that are young/ Shall never see so much’: Shakespeare in Locally Produced School Readers Authorized for Use in Secondary Schools”, Kohei Uchimaru

Seminar 4B: Education: Theoretical and Historical Discussions of Shakespeare in/as Education as well as Practical Pedagogical Strategies Across Cultures

chair: DM Reyes, ADMU

“‘Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be!’: Filipino Students’ Creativity in Writing about and Performing Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Lalaine F. Yanilla Aquino
“A Postcolonial View on The Merchant of Venice in Indonesian Classroom”, Lestari Manggong
“Learning (Non) Native Shakespeare: A Retrospective Look on Shakespearean Productions in Private Secondary Schools in Manila”, Missy Maramara
“Shakespeare and Cue-Scripts: What Can We Make of Early Modern Education?”, Arpad Mihaly
“Shakespeare on the Road: The Experience of the Program BARD TO GO”, Kiara Pipino
“Richard III and the Various Implications of Murdering Children”, Anna Felicia C. Sanchez
“Is Shakespeare Any Good?: A Shakespeare Survey”, Ana Laura Magis Weinberg