Plenary Panel on Asian Shakespeare

“Decentering Asian Shakespeare: Approaching Intercultural Theater as Living Organism”, Bi-qi Beatrice Lei
“Dressing for the Part: Patterns of Costume in Asian Shakespeare Performance”, Yong Li Lan
“Indian Supplements to Shakespeare: The Hungry and We That Are Young”, Poonam Trivedi

Panel 1. Trafficking Images: Shakespeare on Film

“The Traffic in Shakespeare: Bollywood and Regional Indian Cinema”, Paromita Chakravarti
“Pairing the Prince: Hamlet, Cinema, Japan”, Mark Burnett
“Taming the Shrew through Kung Fu: Shakespeare in Martial Arts Films”, Emil Francis M. Flores

Panel 2. Tropic of Shakespeare

“‘Purchased by the weight’: The Merchant of Venice’s Suits and Venetian Trade in Mexican Cochineal”, Olga Valbuena
“Tropical Madness: Translating Temper in The Tragedy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare and Rolando Tinio”, Timothy F. Ong
“Dramaturgy of the Sea in The Tempest and The Merchant of Venice”, Laurie J. Wolf

Panel 3. Island Shakespeare

“Exotic Islands in the Plays of Fletcher and Shakespeare”, José Manuel González
“Admit No Kind of Traffic: Isolationist Tendencies in The Tempest”, T. J. Sellari
“Poetic and Prosaic: The Tempest Amidst Climate Change”, Liza C. Magtoto

Panel 4. Visual Traffics: Spectatorship and Reception

“The Three Hours’ Traffic of Our Screens: Captured Live Shakespeare in Asian Cinemas”, Mike Ingham
“Spectatorship in The Winter’s Tale from The Globe to the Modern Noh Stage”, Yu Jin Ko
“Medium, Myth, and Mediality in Uruwang”, Roweena Yip

Panel 5. Strolling Players

“Each Actor on His Ass”, Ronan Paterson
“Between Entertainment and Enlightenment: Watching a ‘Real’ and ‘Authentic’ Shakespeare in Japan, from the 1860s to the 1920s”, Ryuta Minami
“A Postcolonial Reading of Geoffrey Kendal: The Shakespeare Wallah of India”, Sraddha Nag
“Daniel Bandman’s One-Month’s Traffic in Shanghai: Its Contexts and Significance in the Performance Historiography of Modern Chinese Theatre History”, Alan Ying-nan Lin

Panel 6. Selling Shakespeare

“Imported Shakespeare Films in Meiji Era Japan”, Yukiko Mori
“Shoyo Tsubouchi and His Complete Works of Shakespeare”, Hisao Oshima
“A Touring [Shakespeare] Theatre Company in the Tropics”, Soon Heng Lim
“Bangsawan and the Bard”, Artemis Preeshl

Panel 7. Intercultural Traffic

“A Suggestion of a Conceptual Model for Performing Shakespeare’s Plays Based on the Mystical Analysis of the Masnavi by Rumi”, Majid Sarnayzedeh
“Mermaid-like, She Drowns: The Figure of Ophelia in Claymore and Ergo Proxy”, Ana Micaela Chua Manansala
“When Prospero Has Met Prospero: Shakespeare and Metempsychosis in Selected Polish Novels”, Mateusz Kucab

Panel 8. Shakespeare’s Sex Trades

“Desire for Similitude/Similitude of Desires: Female Homoerotic Bonds in A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Etsuko Matsuo
“‘Play on’: Enforced Heterosexuality and Queer Sex Trafficking in Shakespeare”, Mark LaRubio
“Between the ‘Triple Pillar’ and ‘Mutual Pair’: Love, Friendship, and Travel in Antony and Cleopatra”, Jonathan Shelley

Panel 9. Trading Shakespeare: Adaptation Theories

“Entangled Shakespeare”, Katherine Schaap Williams
“A Passion So Confused: Adapting Shakespeare in the Age of Post-literacy”, Bruce G. Shapiro
“Moving Words: World Literature, Adaptation, and the Pieties of Global Shakespeare”, James Tink

Panel 10. Mobilizing Shakespeare

“Mediterranean Journeys in Shakespeare and the Present-Day Refugee Crisis”, Reto Winckler
“‘The Savage New World’; The Empire of Language/The Language of Empire in Yamanote Jijosha’s The Tempest”, Mika Eglinton
“The Rise of China and the Future of Shakespeare Studies”, Adele Lee