Call for Seminar Papers [Closed]

In addition to plenary and panel presentations, we are pleased to announce that the Conference will also hold four seminars around four broad topics to invite wider discussions. These topics are:

Shakespeare and Education
Seminar Leader: Isabel Pefianco-Martin, Ateneo de Manila University
This seminar features theoretical and historical discussions of Shakespeare in/as education as well as practical pedagogical strategies across cultures

Shakespearean Translations
Seminar Leader: Ted Motohashi, Tokyo Keizai University
This seminar revolves around cross-linguistic and cross-cultural versions of Shakespeare in print and performance.

Shakespearean Transactions
Seminar Leader: Richard Burt, University of Florida
This seminar involves a broad range of negotiations and exchanges of Shakespearean origin — between and within (but not limited to) ideologies, texts, discursive fields, and markets.

Shakespearean Transformations
Seminar Leaders: Yukari Yoshihara, University of Tsukuba, Yilin Chen, Providence University
This seminar features Shakespeare across media, platforms, and other cultural forms.


Abstracts of no more than 250 words (accompanied by a brief author bio note) are invited for consideration for any of the seminars. Please specify your preferred seminar on the abstract. After verification and vetting by the Screening Committee, abstracts will be passed on to appropriate seminar leaders for final approval.

Deadline for Submission is 20 December 2017. Results will be announced in January 2018.

Submissions and queries should be sent to or
For conference updates, please visit or the conference website at

Selected papers from the conference will be published as a special issue of Kritika Kultura, a Thomson-Reuters-indexed and Scopus-listed internationally refereed online journal on literary, language and cultural studies published by the Ateneo de Manila University.